Download Graphing Calculator Application Freeware

SACIC  v.0.5

SACIC - Semi-Advanced Command Interpreting Calculator - is a small calculator application capable of evaluating mathematical expressions with arbitrary precision,.

Gross Profit Margin Calculator  v.1.3

Calculate Gross Profit Margin based on Cost Of Goods Sold

Math Mechanixs  v.

Math Mechanixs is a general purpose math program with a Math Editor for solving mathematical problems and taking notes, extensive Function Library and Function Solver, 2D & 3D Graphing, and a Calculus Utility with integration and differentiation.

TopMost  v.

TopMost is considered as an advanced and convenient application allowing you to keep windows always on top of other windows. This is very useful when you have an application that is maximized and fills the screen. You want to see it, work on

MacAppStuff Trip for Mac OS  v.1.0

Determine various motoring costs, such as the cost of a journey, your average MPG, how much fuel would be needed for a journey, and how much fuel you get for your money. It can also perform conversions between popular motoring values (MPH to KPH,

Disc Calc  v.1.1

You can enter a number of discs / megs, and Disc Calc returns the numbers of Megs / Discs.

MagicPlot Calculator  v.1.1

MagicPlot Calculator is a free expression calculator from MagicPlot graphing application.

Advanced Subnet Calculator  v.9.1

Free Subnet Calculator tool from SolarWinds generates all subnets with real-time DNS, PING and CIDR tests. This application provides address details, a classful subnet creator, a CIDR calculator and subnet address lists that can be exported.

WinTax Calculator  v.2009.1.1

WinTax Calculator 2009.1.1 is a useful application which provides users with an easy way to calculate taxes on regular salary, bonus, retroactive pay, and commission. WinTax is a Canadian payroll tax calculator.Calculations include CPP, EI, Federal

PreFlopper Texas Holdem Poker Calculator  v.2.1.0

The PreFlopper Texas Hold'em Poker Calculator is a simple-to-use poker application that will help you develop a solid pre flop playing strategy for Texas Hold'em Poker. The user interface of the application makes it simple to understand and very easy

Big Numbers Calculator  v.1.0

Big Numbers Calculator is a small, simple, very easy to use application specially designed to offer you a tool for arithmetic, bitwise and base conversion operations over the big integers. for Windows2K, XP, Vista, 7

Perspolis Command-Line Calculator  v.New

Perspolis Command-Line Calculator is, just like the name suggests a small, simple, command-line based application specially designed to help you with your basic math calculations. If you are looking for a tool that is both tiny and easy to use to

Advanced Arithmetic Calculator  v.New

Advanced Arithmetic Calculator is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to help you solve sums of numbers, subtractions of numbers, multiplications and divisions of numbers. Basically this tool will open in your command prompt

Sorts Calculator  v.New

Sorts Calculator is a small, easy to use application specially designed to help you sort random array. The sorts offered include select sort, bubble sort, quick sort, merge sort and heap sort. for WindowsAll

Advanced Exponent Numbers Calculator  v.New

Advanced Exponent Numbers Calculator is a small, command prompt based application specially designed to help you calculate any number with exponent. for WindowsAll

Advanced Roots Calculator  v.New

Advanced Roots Calculator is a small, simple, command prompt based application specially designed to help you choose what kind of root of a number or data arithmetic you want to calculate. for WindowsAll

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